Mohair Products

Spring Harvest Farm strives to raise healthy angora goats for the production of fine mohair for hand spinning, weaving, knitting, and the fibre arts. All of the following items were produced in Canada with Canadian fibres.

Raw WoolRaw and Washed Mohair Fibre

We keep a selection of both kid and adult fleeces on hand. These fleeces range from 4″ to 8″ in length and can be purchased raw or washed by the pound. Please contact us for prices.

Angora HideTanned Angora Hides

We keep a selection of tanned hides on hand. These come in a variety of hair lengths and sizes, and can be used for clothing such as vests and chaps, or as throws and rugs.

Our YarnMohair Yarns

A portion of our mohair is processed into yarn. We have various blends of mohari and wool yarns in many colours, some of which are seen in the above photo.

100% Mohair Yarn - colours available – natural (as seen at bottom of photo), various variegated colours.

70% Mohair/30%Wool Yarn- colours available – variety of colours.

50% Mohair/50% Wool – 2 Ply and 3 Ply- colours available – natural, variety of colours.

Please contact us for availability and price.

Socks for AllMohair Socks

Spring Harvest Farms produces high quality sports and dress socks. At 85% mohair and only 15% nylon, our socks contain more natural fibre than the majority of other brands.

Our socks are stronger, warmer and more comfortable than wool socks. The strength of the fibres coupled with their softness gives them all the benefits of wool, but with superior durability and comfort. They come pre-shrunk, machine washable and easy and convenient to care for.

Spring Harvest Farm socks are perfect for taking camping and hiking. Their comfort will be welcome inside boots and they also keep your feet warm through long treks and cold weather. Mohair’s natural properties of wicking moisture away from your feet and breathability provide protection from sweating at all times of the year.

Our socks are perfect for construction workers, oil riggers, roofers, and anyone working outside. They are a warm, durable sock that will provide comfort no matter how hard you work them.


A portion of our mohair is processed into 50% wool / 50% mohair blankets. These blankets come in various richly hued colours, some of which you can see in the above picture. They are available in Queen, Double, Single, and Lap or Afghan size.

Please contact us for price and availability.

Mittens and Touques

Hand Knit Mohair Mittens and Toques

Unique mohair thrummed mittens and thrummed toques. Hand knit from our 70% mohair / 30% wool yarn and thrummed with 100% mohair. The mittens come in Men’s, Ladies’ and Children’s sizes and the toque in Children’s and Adult sizes. Colours available are natural, and various colours.

Please contact us for availability and prices.

Questions? Curious over colours, quantities, or availability? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

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