The herd in the pasture

Angora Goats take their name from the ancient Turkish City of Ankara, near where they originated. The Turks thought highy of these goats and hence none were allowed to leave the country. The first exports landed in Spain and France, but Angoras didn’t reach the American shores until 1849.

The Angora Goat is said to be the most efficient fibre producer on Earth. Angora Goats have long been bred to produce only white fibre. With the quantities used in commercial enterprises, this helped to standardise the final product.

For hundreds of years, any Angora goat with colour in its fleece was culled as undesirable. Only in the last few years have some breeders been retaining and breeding these goats to produce natural colour. Coloured Angora Goats come in a variety of colours and colour combinations. The natural coloured fibre is sought after by hand spinners creating beautiful yarns, doll makers creating wigs and craft makers creating many unique projects.


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