Spring Harvest Farm started in 1997 with the purchase of three registered white angora does and one buck. The first couple of years were quite an experience for a city folk. The learning curve was almost straight up. The goats have gotten quite tolerant of me and have gradually increased to approximately 60 animals.

In 2001, Spring Harvest Farm decided to devote approximately one third of the herd to producing naturally coloured mohair. For that purpose, several registered coloured angora bucks were imported over the years from Oregon.  It takes several years of breeding white goats to coloured goats to produce good quality coloured mohair.  After some years, I now have a line of nice black and brown angora goats with nice mohair.

Spring Harvest Farm raises Registered Angora Goats, both white and naturally coloured.  I strive to raise healthy animals for the production of fine mohair to be used for hand spinning, weaving, knitting and fibre arts.