Thanks for your interest in Angora Goats 

Spring Harvest Farm has been raising angora goats and producing fibre related products for your fibre needs for over 15 years. 

In 2015 Spring Harvest Farm went through a major downsizing selling a large number of goats.  What remained was a nice little herd of one white buck and six white does, all older animals.  Kidding season is now complete and we have had a nice little kid crop of two bucklings and two doelings.  As evaluations are done, we will be putting pictures and information on goats for sale up on our Goats For Sale page. 

For all the fibre enthusiasts out there, we have a very limited amount of fleeces, roving and yarns.  You can email for information on any item.   

We look forward to meeting and corresponding with all fibre enthusiasts!

Spring Harvest Farm


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